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April 05 2017


Things to Look for in a POS System for a Coffee Shop

While the coffee is brewing, the shop's POS should carry it through the morning rush and the afternoon lull. When customers look for a place to get a good cup of coffee, they have plenty of choices, and the right coffee shop pos system features can keep them coming back while improving the shop's margins and operational efficiency. Below are several coffee shop pos features to look for when upgrading a shop's technology.

Customer-Facing Terminals

Local coffee shops can utilize point of sale terminals that can become customer facing to get customers in and out as quickly as is possible. When these terminals are flipped, the customer can quickly sign, tip and get a physical or digital receipt right on the tablet's interface. This reduces the per-transaction time and allows shops to serve guests more quickly during peak times.

Allen Baler

Reporting and CRM

With a CRM (customer relationship management) system built into a coffee shop point of sale system, the shop owner can collect customer information and use it to build a database. This info allows café owners to gain valuable insight into their customers' buying habits. A POS should give the owner the ability to segment data based on shared characteristics, compare data over a certain period, and create marketing lists.

Menu Management

Everyone has been stuck behind a customer who makes an outrageous coffee order. Baristas should be able to input these orders quickly and easily with modifiers that are simple to add and customize. Coffee shops with frequently changing menus need a Coffee Shop POS System that simplifies menu updates. With cloud-based systems, café owners can make menu changes in real time.

Loyalty Programs

With guests moving quickly through the service line, it may be difficult for a shop owner to identify a regular customer. Mobile loyalty programs are a good way to show customers how much their business is valued, and they can encourage repeat visits. A simple loyalty program can increase customers' visit frequency and average ticket amount. If the POS terminal can become customer facing, a guest can quickly opt into the loyalty program as he or she tips, signs and gets a receipt.

Customers count on local coffee shops for their morning jolt of caffeine, and a shop can become a fixture in the neighborhood if it offers great coffee and friendly service. With the right POS system, providing that service becomes easier and more effortless. 

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